Passion and Intuition create Results

Be Inspired

#1 Michael "A Man of God"

I was Jonesing for a bagel so I googled "NY Style Bagels in Austin" and Rockstar Bagels popped up.

The day that I went there was a side door open and Michael was behind a table working dough. A gentle and peaceful smile was on his face, we chatted for a few minutes while I waited for my order.

When I left I could not get the image of this out of my head. I went back and left my card. Michael called me a day later and this is the image that is page one of the Be Inspired Journey.

Michael-Rockstar Bagels-Square Space Web.jpg

A Person who never made a mistake never tried anything new--Albert Einstein.

Describe the best mistake you've ever made and all the positive things you learned from that mistake.

"I left Brownwood and moved to Austin. Various reasons were behind the decision. I was leaving a wife, children and family. Part of the decision was to leave a relationship that was draining but I questioned my decision all the time. The lord was guiding my way and now I have found a way to connect and reconfirm my love and support for my children and I have a woman who is my backbone. A job that feels like home."

Michael is an ordained minister who ministers to people on the street, he understands them...he used to be one of the them.

I would say that the Universe works in mysterious ways.

I hope you find a way to BE INSPIRED every day.

Miriam Rieck